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Have you always wanted straighter teeth but don’t want the hassle or unsightly appearance of traditional braces? Here at Thrapston Dental Centre, we offer our patients the Reveal® aligner solution to help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Reveal® – The Clear Alternative to Braces

Have you always wanted straighter teeth but don’t want the hassle or unsightly appearance of traditional braces? Here at Thrapston Dental Centre, we offer our patients the Reveal aligner solution to help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a series of transparent, lightweight plastic trays that correct misaligned teeth in patients with permanent dentition (i.e. all second molars). With continuous gentle forces, clear aligners gradually move teeth to bring them into alignment. The trays are custom-made for each patient based on the mould of his or her teeth.

Aligners vs Traditional Braces

Unlike braces, clear aligners are nearly invisible. They are comfortable, removable, and easy to clean. In many cases, clear aligners require fewer dental appointments, and you don’t need to visit an orthodontic specialist; your general dentist can provide your aligner treatment, saving you time and money.

Why Reveal® Clear Aligners?

Uniquely Clear Material

Look closely at the leading competitor tray and you’ll notice they are cloudy in comparison. Reveal Aligners are practically invisible and stay clear throughout treatment – no yellowing or staining.

Make the clear choice

Comparison of a leading brand and Reveal® Clear Aligners

Fewer Attachments

Most dentist-provided aligner systems require attachments or “buttons” are glued to your teeth. They require additional time at the dentist, and many patients find them unsightly.

Reveal was specially designed to reduce the need for attachments, while providing your dentist with the control they need. The unique material and manufacturing process provide a secure fit that hugs the teeth, resulting in accurate tooth movement using less attachments.

Clinician-Guided Treatment (or “Healthy Results”)

With Reveal Clear Aligners, your smile is in the care of a trained dental professional. Your Dentist can help you achieve a healthy occlusion (bite) to last you a lifetime.

Start Your Journey to a Better Smile

Reveal Clear Aligners are a simple, discreet, and affordable solution for straighter teeth.
Schedule a consultation with your dentist today to find out if Reveal Clear Aligners are right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Reveal Clear Aligners

Q: How do Reveal Clear Aligners work?
A: Reveal Clear Aligners are a series of clear plastic trays that have been manufactured specifically for you based on the scan of your teeth and your doctors’ treatment goals for your case. Each set of trays gently guide your teeth to their ideal position using continuous light forces.

Q: How visible are clear aligners?
A: This is what makes Reveal Clear Aligners extra special. The aligners are uniquely clear compared to other aligner systems.

Q: How often should I wear my aligners?
A: Aligners should be worn all day and all night, for at least 22 hours a day except while eating, brushing and flossing or as directed by your dentist.

Q: What is the expected length of treatment?
A: Treatment time varies from patient to patient. Treatment can take anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the complexity of your case.

Q: How should I clean my aligners?
A: Simply use a soft bristle toothbrush using cold or warm water with small amount of toothpaste. Don’t use hot water to clean them as this could cause deformation. Also avoid using denture cleaners to clean aligners or soak them in mouthwash as these products can damage to the surface of the aligner, causing it to become dull and more visible.

Q: Will I need to wear a retainer after treatment?
A: To prevent relapse, your dentist will typically prescribe a retainer after any orthodontic treatment. Reveal Clear Aligners include a set of retainers.

Q: Can I spread the cost of treatment?
A: Of course, at Thrapston Dental Centre we want to make you feel relaxed and comfortable about your investment. We believe in making our treatments accessible to everyone; that’s why we offer a range of treatment specific Interest Free payment plans to suit every patient. By spreading the cost, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted, without any of the stress. Take a look at our payment plan page to find out more!

For further details on the costs of Reveal treatment and our Interest-Free Payment Plans, or for any other information, please contact our friendly team on 01832 731118

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