Dentist referral in Thrapston

Excellent relationships with other dental practices for dental diagnostics

At Thrapston Dental Centre, we maintain a close relationship with other practices. We welcome dentist referral but will only discuss treatment relating to the specific procedure referred for. Any requirements or interest in other areas will be referred back to your own dentist.

Referring Professionals

CBCT 3D x-ray scan

Townley House Dental Practice are proud to accept referrals for CBCT 3D Xray scans. We use the latest generation Vatech CBCT 3D digital scanner.

These scans provide a three-dimensional image of your mouth’s teeth structure, soft tissue, bone and nerves.

They are more accurate and provide more information than ordinary X-Rays, and we use this to determine accurate and ideal locations to place secure and stable dental implants.

Our dental diagnostic appointment is priced at £150 per visit. This can include one quadrant or a full arch, with or without a stent. The scan file along with its software will be downloaded onto a CD to be sent back to your referring dentist. The file and software can be opened on any PC.

Implant referral form

Thrapston Dental can accept all referral cases from a single implant to complex sinus lift/ bone augmentation and full mouth rehabilitation cases.

We are also able to offer diagnosis and treatment by using our 3DCBCT Xray scanner at our sister practice. Our experienced clinicians can also provide implant placement only and the practitioner, to complete the restorative phase.

Advice can be easily supplied on the best restorative choice of procedures and components. Here at Thrapston Dental Centre we now routinely use Eurotechnika implants, who are the largest manufacturer of implants in France. These are compatible with Nobel biocare and Straumann restorative items.

It is our top priority to continue to provide a close relationship with all our referring colleagues and can reassure that any patients referred will only be consulted on their implant treatment. Any requirement or interest in other areas, will always be referred back to their own referring dentist.

Scan and x-ray referral

Our sister practice Townley House is pleased to announce it now has the latest generation Vatech CBCT 3D digital xray scanner, allowing us to accept referrals for 3D scans.

These will all be priced at £150 for all scans, from one quadrant to a full arch and with or without a stent, (8x5cm) and (5x5cm). The scan file along with its software will be downloaded onto a CD. This can be opened on any PC allowing the referring dentist to open and manipulate the image. This system also includes treatment planning software and integrated implant planning.

We also offer 2D OPT and CEPH images providing high resolution 2D images with digital sensors.  When the patient attends for a radiograph, they should expect to be with us for 20 minutes.  They will be asked to remove any jewellery, spectacles and removable dentures that they may be wearing.

If a stent has been provided, please ensure that the stent has been tried in the mouth prior to the scan.

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